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Concrete Slabs, Footings, & Tilt Panel Construction Work

Tilt panel construction experts. Installation for every sized job.

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As a concrete contractor working with commercial builders for over two decades, Director of Emerge Contracting Ray Voss undertook his first Concrete Tilt Panel project in 1996, with thousands of square metres having been manufactured since.

Ray insists that on-site personnel work hard and produce results to exacting standards. Not one to sit behind a desk, Ray is “hands-on” with all projects. His extensive experience in all areas of construction, including residential, commercial and industrial, gives him unique knowledge and skills that he brings to each and every project. He personally oversees every stage of the process in order to maximize the benefits and outcomes for each client.

He knows every job is unique and every client has a different budget and deadline. That’s why Emerge Contracting offers part and full concreting services – with us, there is no need to pay for services you don’t need.

How is Emerge Different?

With Ray’s knowledge and expertise, he is able to offer something many other owner-operated construction companies can’t – a complete package.  Ray has the history, the skills and know-how to take a project from its earliest stages through to completion.

Precast – Tilt Panel Building Solutions

Emerge Contracting specialises in office and warehouse construction. We build using tilt up panels for the majority of our projects.

Tilt-up panel construction with re-cast concrete panels, has numerous advantages over traditional construction methods. It is the go-to option for erecting

  • ⦿ warehouses
  • ⦿ retail stores
  • ⦿ office buildings
  • ⦿ storage facilities

And many other building projects.

Tilt up also offers some very creative architectural design options for those looking for something eye-catching.

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What is Tilt up Construction?

Tilt-up construction involves the casting of concrete elements such as walls, pillars, and supports, horizontally on top of concrete slabs. This includes the building’s floors, and other temporary concrete castings, to be set on a flat surface.

Benefits of Tilt-up Construction

There are many advantages to choosing tilt-up construction for office, warehouse or industrial buildings. Tilt-up construction allows for a customized and flexible design.

Computer software is used to design your building to your exact specifications.

  • ⦿ Panels available in 7 different thicknesses due to our custom casting and lifting solutions
  • ⦿ We pride ourselves on ensuring the finish of your Concrete Panels is of an exceptional standard and guarantee the quality of our products.
  • ⦿ Concrete surfaces require less in terms of maintenance.
  • ⦿Concrete is more durable than traditional construction methods,
  • ⦿ Resistant to mechanical damage, and easily washed down.
  • ⦿ Natural insulating ability helps in reducing the overall heating and cooling costs.
  • ⦿ Visual concrete (textured, profiled, tooled and exposed aggregate finishes) as well as cast-applied facings (inlaid stone, brick etc.) require little ongoing maintenance or attention.
  • ⦿ Concrete, by default, is fire-resistant; a 175mm concrete wall can offer a fire-resistance rating of more than 4 hours.
  • ⦿Tilt panel construction is widely recognised as an environmentally friendly and cost effective construction method and as such concrete tilt panels have become the most popular form of commercial construction

Tilt Panel Program

A key benefit for using tilt-up is the fast programs to complete a project. After the floor slab is placed, the typical elapsed time from starting to form panels until the building shell is completed may be only four to five weeks. Materials for wall panels are procured easily with minimal lead times, allowing a fast start to this process, which progresses while any products with longer lead-times are being fabricated.

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    Let us work with your plan and help you make it the best possible building project.

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    Construction Management

    We provide a dedicated, hands on team of professional builders to work with you.

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    Building & Structural Advice

    With more than 20 years combined knowledge, we are best placed to build projects based in Perth.

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    Poured On Site

    Precise planning means there’s less building waste, resulting in savings for you and reducing the impact on the environment.

    Site Cast Tilt Panels remove transport costs and allows panels to be constructed in a larger format than other wall panel methods

    Finishing Touches

    We guarantee strength and longevity in our concrete construction process. We have an eye for detail and perform all patching and rectification necessary to the panels after placement.

    The result is a sturdy, attractive building that will stand the test of time.

    No-obligation Construction Quote

    Emerge Contracting. Let us point you in the right direction.

    We can offer advice and steer you in the right direction right from the beginning. Helping you make informed decisions before you start on a new building project.
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